What to Bring

All materials for the classes will be provided.   Feel free to bring extra beads for your personal projects. 

Tools & Materials -
Chain and round nose pliers, flush wire cutters. (You'll need a second pair of flat or chain nose pliers for opening and closing jump rings.)

Metal files - small to medium size files will work. A bastard file is a great upgrade from mini files. Find one at your local hardward store.
Jewelry metal shears - make sure they have a spring for easier use. They should have straight blades and be specially for jewelry.
steel bench block - bring a rubber mat or hand towel to deaden the sound.
Hammers - riveting hammer with a tapered edge and a ball peen hammer with one side flat and one side rounded.
Metal hole punch - either style will work fine.

Polymer clay tools: acrylic clay roller and bring several small paint brushes of various sizes. 

Extras: ruler, Sharpie marker, bead mat or bead board and scissors.

Bring a small shallow plastic container, at least 3" wide but not bigger than a sandwich size container. . 
Bring a soft, absorbent rag or old t-shirt. Test it to make sure it soaks up water easily. White or light-color only. 

Tool resources: Check your local bead shop or chain craft store. Amazon.com will carry most of these items. www.fusionbeads.com, www.rings-things.com or www.limabeads.com are great places to find tools.

Tools that will make the retreat more enjoyable and highly recommended:
If you need task lighting, I recommend bringing a battery-operated task light.
I will have a very limited number of these tools available to share in class, I recommend bringing your own!

Camera – You’ll want to take lots of photos to bring back home for inspiration for future jewelry making projects and to post to your blog! Cameras are optional.

What to Wear? - Please dress comfortably and prepared to work on our projects!  

Bring your walking shoes! We’ll be meandering and sauntering around the woods and trails near the lodge, weather permitting.

Temperatures are in the 40-70’s during October. Bring a jacket and gloves. Wear layers and plan for possibly cold weather.

Food: We will have a pot of coffee brewing and chocolate at the ready.  If you have any special dietary requirements, there is a full kitchen at your disposal.  Feel free to bring bottled water, soda or snacks.  The kitchen is available to all participants to store food and cook for the weekend.