Charm Swap

Our charm swap has been such a hit, let's carry on the tradition! 

The charms should be inexpensive, use materials you have on hand and that you can create quickly

How Many Charms to Bring: Bring 21 finished charms at the beginning of the retreat for an old fashioned swamp. You'll go home with 21 unique charms from your fellow retreat friends. 

What to Make: You can create identical charms or 21 different ones. It's up to you. Use any material or technique. 

Think earring size for the charms. 

Pictured are some charms I whipped up with materials I had on my table. 

I've also gathered together ideas on Pinterest to get your creative gears turning. Check them out here

Theme & Colors: The theme is loosely Autumn Woodland. Interpret it as you'd like! Go with earthy and autumnal colors. 

Presentation: Attach each charm to a small card or tag with your name on the back, so we know who made which ones! 

Make & Take: On Saturday evening after dinner, I'm going to demo a wire pendant frame using the Now That's a Jig. Everyone will get a chance to make a frame and try out the Jig. Add a few of your charms to the pendant frame for a sweet souvenir of our retreat. 

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